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Botox Cosmetic


Although Botox injections are primarily used for their ability to reduce the appearance of some facial wrinkles, Botox is also used by doctors to treat a wide array of medical conditions such as wry neck (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), chronic migraine headaches, overactive bladder, and even some particular cases of crossed eyes.

Botox has been used for medical purposes for decades. Its initial uses were for eye and eyelid problems, as well as repetitive neck spasms (cervical dystonia). In 2002, it was approved for improving and relaxing frown lines in the area between the eyes on the forehead and since that time Botox has been used successfully in more than over 10 million patients. In 2004, Botox was approved for excess sweating (hyperhidrosis). In 2010, Botox was approved for the treatment of migraine headaches.

A common misconception is that Botox completely or totally paralyzes the muscles in the face. Although, this is possible with extreme amounts of Botox, most physicians strive to inject the precise amount that allows the patient to have some activity but not so much that they have over treatment of the areas. When done properly, most people who are not trained doctors will never notice that a Botox procedure was performed, just that the patient looks better.